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Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm a residential customer. Will you serve me?

Sure thing! We provide a number of services perfect for home use as well as commercial, so get in touch!

How much will a new fire alarm system cost?

No two installations are ever quite the same, so we’d need to understand a little bit more about you first. We do however provide free quotations – so give us a call today!

Do I need emergency lighting for my business?

Emergency Lighting and Illuminated Emergency Exit Signs light up and mark the emergency exit route when the power supply fails. The minimum backup duration of emergency lighting and emergency exit signs is specified by local regulations and is generally between 1 and 3 hours. All our units have internal batteries with 3 hours backup duration. Self-contained emergency lights and fire exit signs are classified according to their modes of operation

How often should my fire alarm be maintained?

No more than six month intervals, according to BS5839. Crucially, you should always have these systems inspected by a competent person! It may be of interest to know that our team is fully qualified to take care of these aspects – so do get in touch if your service is due.

How often should I test my fire alarm?

Each fire alarm needs to be checked weekly for correct operation by testing at least one of the manual call points in the building.

What is your usual emergency response time?

We offer a 24 hour emergency helpline for our customers. We’ll try to assist over the phone there and then, but if necessary we can send an engineer to attend your property – usually within 4 hours or less.

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